Thursday, February 21, 2008

Intergenerational Readers' Group

Last night I went to sit in on a readers' group meeting in West Bridgeford, NOTTS.

Wow. What can I say? An extraordinary group of insightful readers. A mixture of teenagers and elderly readers, each bringing their own views and experience to bear on reading and discussion about books.

A fifteen year old told me afterwards: 'If someone tells you they don't like reading, it is because they have not found the right book yet'

Now THAT is insight.

Friday, February 15, 2008

For One Day Only

It is the week of Leicester Comedy Festival and I'm entering into the spirit of things by leading a workshop on short comedy films. So... for one day only, here is a list of links we are going to be following in the workshop. If you happen to drop in, why not follow some of them and see what you think. Some are classics. At least one is not. You make up your own mind.

But be quick about it, because I plan to take this posting down after the workshop is over.

Have fun.

Situation Comedy Clips Good Life – Margo loses it Fools and Horses – chandelier One foot in the grave – dog One foot in the grave – spam Good Life – cups and saucers in the garden

Traditional Sketch show Clips Drunk in tilted room – Python’s milkman – python’s fish dance four candles opticians

Character Sketch Show Clips Fast Show ‘black’ Catherine Tate meets Blair

Mash-ups Titanic in 5 seconds Harry Potter in 5 seconds Amadeus in 5 seconds Fargo in 5 seconds Four Weddings – Trailer Mash Dramatic Chipmunk

Comedy moments from feature films Intolerable Cruelty Notting Hill T-Shirt Serenity opening Love Actually gift wrap

Cartoon Cat alarm clock

Comedy short films – dressing Want to buy a ghost? – No carrots Nose of the Beholder I love my cat Goodbye to the Normals lunch break - lost The Carving