Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bless this blog and all who sail in her

A chilly February day, sitting in the study, surrounded by piles of papers (in no discernable order), curtains closed, the debris of a novel (almost completed) all around me. Having used up all my good grammer teaching and writing, am now reduced to what Word would call 'scentence fragments'. But at least I have - with this - entered the blog age.


manu singh said...

Till last month, I was unclear about what blogging was. I had heard of it but considered it as something too technical for my taste. Then a friend, while chatting, introduced me to the wonders of blogging! And the very next day, I got an offer to write for a blog site apart from my own. It is a perfect place to vent my views. You wont believe how excited i was when I got my first feedback from a reader. It was a proof someone out there is actually reading waht I write. Hurrah!
Now I recommend it to my friends all the time.

Rod Duncan said...

Thanks for the comment Manu. It's a strange thing - when we write, the experience can be intensely personal and solitary. But there is always the ghost of an imagined reader with us. When that reader becomes real - when we know someone has actually filled that role - it is the consumation of the process.