Friday, February 25, 2005

From China to the Tay Bridge

In my mind I am deep in China right now, standing at the reception desk of a hotel, talking to an attractive young lady, getting instructions as to how to find a particular jetty on the riverfront. Exactly what will happen there – I don't yet know. It is late in the evening and that part of the city is poorly lit.

Then an e-mail comes in. Whoosh! I tear myself away from writing my novel - breaking off from Sichuan Province and the wharfs and jetties of the Chongqing City riverfront. Then I start to read the latest instalment in an increasingly strange conversation currently going on through my blog in response to A Conversation with Linda.

Well worth reading. It does make me laugh. But come on guys… you could be reading a well-regarded and recently published crime novel instead of making up poetry.

Couldn’t you?

Ah well, it was worth a try.


Geraint said...

Rod, there is always the theory that some bloggers may already have read 3 novels concerning 2 weeks in a fictional part of Leicester and are killing time whilst you finish the next one?

Best one so far, btw. Aile does think that the Russian-Estonian would not have had such freedom to roam, mind you. Where's the Jinty?

Rod Duncan said...

Thanks for the kind comment.

The Jinty is at the top of page 51 in Burnout. My excellent copy editor wasn't at all sure that it was a real word.

As for roaming in Russia and Estonia - was that part of the story true at all?

Jim Things said...

Dear Sir,

I am a fictional part of Leicester, or alternatively a part of fictional Leicester, whichever is the more expensive. I wish to complain about the constant references to Silver Street and all the fiddly bits around my toes.

At no time have my legs been a member of the Russian Mafia and are not part of the Tibetan Resistance either.

My teeth have, however been a seedy detective novel and it was the molars what did it.

I can however recommend Christmas pudding as a remedy for the Biscay Jitters.

Yours Sincerely
Jim 'Fog Island' Thngs

Geraint said...

My good lady thinks that an Estonian would have been unable to travel when your character was 16.
Estonia was a restricted part of Soviet Russia, I think they knew that given half a chance they would be independent. As thankfully they know are.
Eesti! Eesti! Eesti!