Thursday, February 17, 2005

The great webstat mystery

Webstats always leave me with more questions than answers. I know, for example, that someone arrived at my author site ( ) as a result of a google search on the phrase 'hoverflies wings'. Whoever it was returned the next day with a search on 'hoverflies wing beats'. Was this someone who'd heard of my poem '120 Wingbeats per second' ? Or someone researching hoverflies who liked what they read?

And then the question of place. This month I've had visits from Finland, Australia, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Romania and Taiwan. Now, I know my novels are published in French and Italian - but how did they turn up in those far reaches of the world?

Perhaps I will never find out. Or... you may know different. If you're one of those people - make a comment on this page. Please. Put me out of my mystery misery.


manu singh said...

ha ha:) Enjoy your worldwide fame. Maybe travellers carried your books to the farthest reaches of the world. Isn't that great?

Yangkwan said...

Hello Rod,
I think it is because your writing has a universal appeal so language didn't really matter. Have fun and all the best !!

from: Oscar Rice

Yangkwan said...

"Webstat Mystery?"
Allow me to risk one more possible answer please.
Perhaps there is a "voice" out there - the cyber voice - calling out to you ..."Duncan, go forth to publish your novels in English, the one true universal language, it's time now to do so.."
Believe in divine
intervention..erh..I mean cyber intervention?