Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Watching Films with Writers

Never watch a movie with a writer - that's my advice. It is (so I'm told) like watching a strip show with an anatomy student.

A writer spends so much time working on narrative structures that he/she can often see the construction lines in the narrative being played out on the screen. And projecting those lines forward (to extend a rather shaky metaphor) can see where the film is leading.

Half way through the movie, the writer leans across and says: 'See that man - he's going to get killed by the woman we just saw.'

'When?' You ask.

'At the end of the film.'

'How? Why?'

'I don't know - but it has to happen. That's the way the narrative has been set up.'

Having said all the above, my wife and I watched 'Leon' on TV last night and didn't come to blows. We'd watched it before - which helps. And deconstruction of a really good film can sometimes enhance the enjoyment. And what a great film 'Leon' is.

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