Sunday, April 24, 2005


Update on the Googleblat web search story - no one has reached my website by searching on any of the words in the story (other than herpetologist). But the number of people looking for herpetologists is apparently growing. Strange.

Update on the progress of the novel - Two days ago I was convinced it couldn't be written and I'd wasted a year of writing time. Yesterday I changed my mind and decided I might manage it - with a lot of work. Today it seems to me almost finished.

In that time all I did was a little editing. I also decided a chunk of the writing was completely wrong and cut out 4,000 words. Then, after looking at it again, decided the 4,000 words I'd cut out were wonderful and put them back - though in a different place.

I intend to get a workable version printed out by Friday. I'm going away to Baha'i National Convention that weekend, and it would be good to have it off my mind by then.

We will see.

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Geraint said...

I note that the Google search is actually on your blog, not your website. Do you think this means that sites migrate with time onto the Google database or did you do something to get the exposure?