Friday, January 19, 2007

Why all the film reviews?

Why all the reviews?

Here is a list of possible reasons, some of which may be true.

  • A friend was kind enough to give me some Vue Cinema vouchers last year - a perfect gift.
  • An editor once told me that he went to see 50 movies a year so he could keep up with trends in fiction. The movies are often a couple of years ahead of written fiction, he said.
  • An author once told me that going to the movies is a tax-deductible expense for a writer of fiction.
  • Having to write a review makes you think about what you have seen – not just in general terms.
  • I love going to the cinema.


Damien G Walter said...

- Comparing adptations from the page to the screen to the original book.

My experiences suggest about one in five films based on books are better than the original, although obviously others may disagree with those statistics. I tend to find that short stories adapt better than novels, narrative wise a short and a screenplay have quite a lot in common.

Rod Duncan said...

An iteresting observation. I suspect the question of which film adaptations are better than the books they were taken from could start a lively debate!

I think the editor who spoke about trends in fiction and in film was referring to commercial trends - what would sell.