Friday, January 25, 2008

The Curse of the Creative Itch

What is it with me? I had five must-do projects already. But here's the thing - you never know were a new trail will lead. And you can't pass one by untried.

It's like when I'm writing long fiction. I have a general idea of where I am going. But if new characters pop up out of nowhere and do unexpected things, I'm too curious to stop them. Is that any different from the situation where I have five projects on the go and a sixth flits into view? I have to follow. Both cases are manifestations of the same character trait. Creativity, I like to call it. Lack of focus is what others say.

So there I am, having a perfectly rational week, editing the book on dyslexia that I stumbled upon writing just before Christmas, when a shape shifts on the periphery of my mind. Not an idea - that would suggest something formed. This is a half-formed thing, or less. Suggested initially by another writer, Ms D.

Well, Ms D. and I batted this formless thing back and forth across the Internet for a couple of days and it started to have shape and colour. And wouldn't you know it, I now have six must-do projects to follow and I'm grinning with the pleasure of discovery.

That creative itch.

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