Friday, September 26, 2008

The Big Smoke

Tomorrow I am heading down to London for a visit to Ealing Studios and, more specifically, Living Spirit Pictures. I'll be meeting Chris Jones, director of Gone Fishing, among other films, and co-author of the Guerrilla Film Makers' Handbook.

Ever since I got hold of a copy of the Guerrilla Filmmakers Handbook, I've been fascinated by Chris's career. It seemed to me that he was thinking outside the conventional and choosing his path to fit himself rather than forcing himself to follow the usual path.

Anyone who knows me will understand how closely that philosophy matches my own. As a dyslexic, I've found this to be a liberating approach. When I first met Chris, a couple of years ago, I was interested to learn that he too is dyslexic. Perhaps it shouldn't have been a surprise.

Chris's excellent blog is here

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