Monday, September 29, 2008

Time Muddle

Read down a dyslexic self-diagnosis checklist and you will probably find this question "Do you mix up dates and miss appointments?" A 'yes' answer is a clue that, when added to others, might indicate you should get yourself tested for dyslexia.

As a dyslexic, do I mix up dates? Yes. All the time. I have even turned up for appointments a week early. But I don't usually miss them. I am far too anxious about letting people down for that to happen. I just worry about them a lot.

But I have just realised that this most distressing thing has happened. I let some people down this weekend.

At what point does saying 'I'm sorry I made that mistake, but I'm dyslexic" become an excuse for sloppy organisation? That's what I'm asking myself this morning. On the other hand, what purpose does a black cloud of self-condemnation serve? And more to the point, how do I dispel it?

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