Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Adventures in Screenwriting

I am not sure how much I am alowd to say about this. Safe enough, I think, to let you know that last week I had the chance to work with Director Chris Jones on developing ideas for a screenplay. The day at Ealing mentioned in earlier posts was the start of this. There followed a week of working on a treatment for the film. The unusual thing about the project was that all those concerned - and there was a team of us - knew that the film was definitely going to be made.

It was great fun and a privilege to work with Chris - who is one of my dyslexic heroes. (By this I mean that he is someone who seems to me to have put his dyslexia to work to his advantage. The creativity, the different way of looking at things, the willingness to think away from the mainstream, all these are things I associate with successful dyslexics. But I haven't had a chance to ask him about this. When I do, it is possible he will disagree!)

Where will the project go from here? My involvement has finished for the time being. Other writers are taking things forward to the scriptwriting stage. But I will let you know when there is more news. Look forward to a very creepy thriller hitting the screens in 2010.

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