Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DVDs Delivered

Just a short entry today because I am very tired. Just to say that I picked up the YARN DVDs yesterday and delivered 120 of them to Alfreton Library this afternoon.

Not a huge drive, but some of the trucks on the M1 seemed particularly intense. In the 50mph stretch near Derby, one was menacing me in the next lane. But that was nothing compared to what it was doing to the car in front of it. The truck driver closed the distance to the car in front right down to 2m. Two metres! I am not exaggerating. On any day that is criminally irresponsible. On the day after a fatal truck accident on another British motorway, it is frankly unbelievable.

In that situation, I had to concentrate on driving and could put no thought to the novel plot I've been churning over in my head for the last couple of days. More of that later.

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