Friday, October 10, 2008

Poetry Collections vs Individual Poems

At Leicester Writers' Club yesterday we devoted our meeting to National Poetry Day. Writers who usually work in other forms, read out poems. And to make the evening more special we had poet Marilyn Ricci introduce her new collection "Rebuilding A Number 39".

So here is my thought this morning - I have heard or read quite a few of the poems in Marilyn's collection before. But as individuals. I have enjoyed them. As individuals. But hearing a series of them from the same collection read back to back gave another level of experience.

Many of these poems have an autobiographical element, alluding to her life with Mum and Dad before she left home. When juxtaposed in this way they started to inform one another. Hearing each one, enriched my appreciation of, understanding of, enjoyment of the rest.

Many thanks Marilyn.

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