Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Those Zombies and Leicester University

I have been so tired over the last couple of days that I did not fulfil my promise to write more about the film shoot on Sunday. So, to put things right, here are my observations about the process:

Film making seems to be 95% waiting around for everyone to be ready and 5% full-on concentration in trying to do your bit to the best of your ability.

The director has the job of getting everyone to focus simultaneously at those moments when he/she calls ACTION. Considering the number of people involved in cast and crew, this is very difficult.

There is a lot of fake blood needed to make a zombie movie. Luckily it is made of wholesome things such as food colouring, sugar syrup and bits of finely chopped chocolate. So it is quite yummy really, whatever it looks like.

Film lighting is hot.

This afternoon, I am heading off to Leicester University to do a session on plotting with some of the undergraduate students. I spent three happy years studying mining geology there, so it will be interesting to go back.

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