Thursday, December 25, 2008

Baha'i Christmas

Every year at this time, I receive greetings from friends who are clearly unsure what to say to me at Christmas.

"Happy, uhhh, what should I say? Season's greetings? I'm not sure if you - Baha'is that is - if you ummm... I mean, do you celebrate Christmas?"

The first thing to note from this is the extraordinary care and sensitivity of people, not wanting to 'put their foot in it' in any way. I don't remember this phenomena from years ago, so perhaps people are becoming more aware of the diversity of religions. Thank you all.

The truth is, I am always delighted to be wished a happy Christmas - both as a day to remember the birth of Jesus, and as a traditional festival. I would imagine people of most religions would be similarly happy.

Baha'is do have their own present-giving festival, so in our family we don't make quite such a huge event out of Christmas as our neighbours. But it is still a time of celebration.

So... Happy Christmas to all.

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