Monday, December 01, 2008

Margaret Penfold Media Trophy

On Thursday evening, I attended the annual LWC Awards Dinner and was delighted to receive the newly established "Margaret Penfold Media Trophy" award. This was in recognition of my work with short films and my recent documentary "Yarn".

Then on Sunday, I travelled up to Chesterfield Library to take part in their reading extravaganza. Very enjoyable. I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Maitland, who was there to talk about her novel "Company of Liars". Also Anthony Cropper, who was talking about his book of short stories "Nature's Magician".

I was hugely impressed with Route Publishers, who had a book stall in the library for the day. Dedicated lovers of narrative. It is inspiring to meet people working in the publishing industry who have such a passion for story.

Sorry if this blog entry is a bit of a diary. But sometimes life is like that!

And more diary type events coming up in the week. On Wednesday I get to visit members of Leicester University's English Society. Then on Thursday I will be at BBC Radio Leicester as part of Writing School Leicester's day-long Writathon.

Somewhere along the line, I must do some writing!

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