Friday, May 29, 2009

Book Launch photos

As promised, here are some photographs from the launch of the Ghosts of Eden by Andrew Sharp, which took place last night in Leicester.

All the ingredients of a good book launch were there. Food and drinks aplenty...

...a hall full of enthusiastic people...

...a clear-sighted publisher and an inspired author...

...and lots and lots of books to sign. Over a hundred were sold. Now, let me have a look, is that writers' cramp?


Andrew Sharp said...

Rod - thanks very much for your kind comments and the write-up. It was quite an evening. It was not so much writer's cramp (my hand is well practiced at scratching a signature and I hope that those who bought the book will have realised that they can go to the chemist with the signatured page and get a prescription of their choosing) but limelight-rash that afflicted me.

As you say, I'm very fortunate to have a publisher who is so enthused by the novel. Although she commented that I have the disadvantage of having a small publisher I doubt that I would have had such personal attention from a bigger publisher. She’s an almost instant responder to emails and ingeneously creative in finding ways to market despite the lack of financial resources to buy space on the shelves of the book chains.

Rod Duncan said...

Hi Andrew,

I was very impressed with your publisher, both during the event and afterwards when we bumped into her as we were having a drink.

I hope to write something about the issues she raised in a later post.


siobsi said...

I agree Andrew. I think new writers often have a very positive experience with small publishers. Instead of being minnows in a very big pond, completely unable to get the attention of editors and publicists for any length of time,they find their work presented with real commitment and passion. It seems to me Corinne is that kind of publisher.

So too, is Sam Smith of Original Plus, my own publisher. Here I found I was able to have considerable input into decisions on covers, back blurbs etc. And as you say, such quick replies. It's good to feel your project cherished like that.