Monday, May 11, 2009

Five Leaves Young Adult book launch

Here are a few photographs from the Five Leaves launch of three new young adult titles. (Please see this article for the full write-up.)

The audience gathering in the hall at the Adult Education College, Welington Street, Leicester.

Dan Tunstall talks about his young adult novel BIG AND CLEVER.

Claire Tulloch reads from her debut novel DROWNED.

David Belbin talks about the process of getting LOVE LESSONS published and the way in which young adult fiction has always pushed the boundaries of what the publishing industry considders acceptable for that age.

The pannel discuss gender point of view in fiction. Does the reader have a problem with the author writing from the point of view of a different gender? Does the author have a problem with it? Not acording to the pannel.


siobsi said...

This looks a really lively event - and a great line-up. I'm just sorry I managed to miss it - under the weather last week. Thanks for the piccies!


Rod Duncan said...

It was really interesting to see the three books side by side. Made some of the genre issues clearer.