Monday, May 25, 2009

Using Skype for team writing

The White Angel sequel screenplay is pushing forward again. This morning me, myself and Ivory had a two hour Skype consultation which has resulted in pages of notes. Mostly these are small modifications to Act 1, but there are also some real revelations (to us, at least) about the nature of the different characters, their power relationships and their motivation for different courses of action.

I plan to spend the afternoon transferring these notes to the screenplay itself. Then I'll e-mail it to Ivory for her to review this evening. If all goes well, we'll be ready and set for another Skyp consultation tomorrow morning.
All well and good. Especially as we are not using video conferencing. I look distinctly crumpled this morning.
It is the school holiday at the moment, so I have retreated to the bedroom in order to have this Skype call in privacy from the rest of the family. Half a conversation about the motivations of serial killers must sound very odd indeed.


siobsi said...

I marvel at your ability to take photos of yourself from odd angles. And still look like we've peered in on the author at work ... Or should I say the team?

Paul Lamb said...

That last sentence is a keeper!

Pam said...

I have just discovered Skype, and am not using it for writing (yet!).

However,I amtalking and stuttering with people from all over the world,a nd Imust say it, is incredinly empowering to have this technology available to do. I have met fellow people who stutter on twitter from Germany, Scotland, Norway,India and Canada, and we have connected through Skype.

It really is amazing how technology can so totally open up our world, and show us that certainthings are universal. To be heard, understood and accepted, whatever we talk, sound, or process things, bridges gaps.

Sorry to get off topic a little, but skype has really opened doors for me,and I suspect, you as well.

Great photos!

Rod Duncan said...

Siobhan - lol. The question is, who took the pictures? :-) I love my mobile phone camera!

Paul - Crime writing gets us into some interesting situations! :-)

Pam - not off topic at all. Many thanks for the contribution. I am fascinated by the way the technology of communication is changing our world and opening ne, previously unthought, possibilities.