Monday, June 08, 2009

Hadfield is a long way away

"Can you do a class on crime writing in Hadfield Library?"

"Sure. Love to."

"It's a long way, you know. People don't always realise how far north it is."

"No worries. It can't be that far. It's in Derbyshire, after all."

I looked at the map yesterday to plan my journey. She was right. It IS a long way. How come the East Midlands stretches all the way to Manchester?

(For those of you reading this in the USA or Australia, please be advised that on this small island we think of a hundred mile journey as a fair hike.)

So - it is blog-lite today as I am about to hop into the car and zip up to Hadfield to give a session on crime writing. During the session I hope to get the group to collectively plan out a story - whether it is for a novel or a movie I leave up to them. It's a popular workshop which I have done several times in different places. Always fun to do. Not so much a writing workshop as a story workshop.

So the actual time I would need to leave would be in two hours. But to prevent me from worrying about time (one of those dyslexic issues) I'm going to set off just as soon as I post this and power down the computer.


Niki M said...

I've been to Hadfield! Lol. It's where the League of Gentlemen is filmed. I'm officially jealous that you're teaching a creative writing class there. Have fun.

Paul Lamb said...

I'd heard of the difference in distance between those in Great Britain and over here in the U.S., but it's even different over here in the U.S.

Out in our more rural western states, it's no problem at all for people to drive 200 miles just to have dinner with a friend. There's a lot of wide, open space in the western U.S., and the whole sense of distance is different to folks out there.