Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Moving to New Blogger

When I started keeping this blog, four and a bit years ago, the system offered by Blogger had fewer bells and whistles than it does today. A new, improved platform came online some time ago, but since my blog was already up and running, I held off from switching over.

Today I gave in and switched to new blogger.

I must admit to being rather nervous. I've done much tinkering with the basic template over the years and was afraid of losing all that work. As things turned out, the switchover has been fairly straightforward. I still haven't got everything sorted. I'll still want to tinker with the fonts and colours. The information in the side-bar will be shuffled to some extent. The links list will be expanded.

If you have any problems with the new layout, please let me know.


Paul Lamb said...

I've known bloggers to switch to the new Blogger platform, and the commenting function was altered such that I couldn't leave a comment unless I had a Blogger account. I hope this doesn't happen with your blog.

Pam said...

I moved from blogger to wordpress almost 2 months ago - because I wanted a traffic counter.

You will experiemtn till you come up with a nice layout. But it's the content that counts, right.

Rod Duncan said...

Hi Paul - there is a setting that controls commenting and I have left that on, as getting comments is the thing I enjoy most about keeping a blog.

Pam - wordpress on my own site is the move I will almost certainly have to make. To have the control I want over the site that is where I need to be.