Monday, June 15, 2009

White Angel Screenplay Update

This is partly an update on the progress of the screenplay and partly an explanation for the decrease in blogging activity here this week.

As you will probably know, I'm working on a screenplay for a sequel to the film White Angel. I have been through the various stages of:

  • thinking,
  • jotting notes,
  • consulting with a writing partner
  • laying index cards out on the floor,
  • writing a treatment,
  • getting feedback on treatment,
  • writing another,
  • and another,
  • starting to write the screenplay and
  • finishing Act 1.
I have now also finished Act 2 and am racing ahead with Act 3.

The whole thing will be completed in very rough form within the next few days. I will then go back and start working on the individual voices, also on inserting things that I missed on the first pass and possibly adding a couple of scenes that have come into my head since the last treatment. The whole process will end up with a first draft by the end of the month.

That's the plan, anyway!

All of which explains why the blog output has been somewhat less over the past week or so. It also explains why I have not been so active in the blogosphere commenting on other people's work.


Paul Lamb said...

You're worth waiting for.

Rod Duncan said...

Thanks Paul.

I'll not give up just yet, then. :-)