Friday, July 10, 2009

Film Project II

I've spent the last few hours looking through the latest extended treatment for a movie I've been working on. I have mentioned this project a couple of times in passing but not given away any of the plot.

I'm still unable to tell you much other than the fact that it is a comedy drama set in the East Midlands and that it follows four very ordinary people on an extra-ordinary quest.

Tonight I'm heading down to The Art Organization on Humberstone Gate in Leicester to talk to my collaborators. We are in the process of working up three things:

An extended treatment that we can all agree on and from which we can write the script.

A short, snappy treatment which we can show to other people.

A title. Yes, we still lack this most vital element. The concept behind the story is, in my opinion, very sharp and instantly attractive. If you hear the pitch you want to see the movie. But we still lack a similarly drop-dead brilliant title.

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