Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Writer in a bus station 2

I'm back from a very interesting morning in the company of BBC Radio Leicester, during which I mooched around St Margaret's Bus Station as a kind of writer in residence - or at least a writer in transit.

My task was to produce a short descriptive piece suitable to be read out on radio. And to talk to people milling around waiting for buses. All this was relayed live via the radio car and the ever helpful presenter, Jo Hollis.

Then it was back into the radio car, through the roadworks to the radio station - and a whole side of the place I hadn't seen before. For example, did you know they have a neat turntable just inside so they can get the radio car pointing in the right direction without all that messing around with forward and reverse gears? It's like a kind of low-key Thunderbirds. And then they plug it in to the mains. The radio car, that is, not the turntable.

Writer in residence in the bus station? They need a writer in residence in the radio station. There is so much neat stuff behind the scenes.

Then onto the studio with Tony Wadsworth to chat about the experience and read out my piece. I understand they will soon have the show available to listen to via podcast. When that happens, I'll post up the link.

As to what I wrote, I'll put that up as a separate post.

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