Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back online - thank you Virgin Media (not)

As the title says, Virgin Media have sent an engineer round and we are connected once more. I mentioned to him that this was not the first time and added the information that each time I've complained I've been told that someone would call me back, but that no one ever has. He pondered this and then said: "A bit bad, that."

So there we have it.

But my time offline has not been wasted. I now have a printout of Interviews With A Serial Killer sitting on my desk. It will be sent soon. And Memorabilia has also progressed to the point that I feel it is safe to say we will have a completed screenplay by the end of the year.

More on both of those later.

Whilst writing a couple of days ago I spotted the shadow of a pair of wires on the side of a cabinet. It was so arresting that I couldn't resist taking a photograph:

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siobsi said...

so the delightful Mr Branson's been pickling again ...