Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MuBu Blog: Foxton Locks

Miles Travelled = 37.5
Museums Visited = 1
Mood = Awe

I’d been to Foxton before. I went to watch narrowboats making unhurried progress up and down the famous staircase of 10 locks and to marvel at the remains of the lift that once winched wider beamed barges between the upper and lower levels of the canal. I also went to walk the towpath and enjoy the peace and abundant wildlife.
But I never went into the museum.

Why? I now blush to admit that, having paid £2 to park the car, I didn’t want to hand over a further £2.50 to look round the collection. Miserly, I know.

Foxton Canal Museum
But as it turns out, Foxton Canal Museum is the first stop on my journey around the heritage sites of the East Midlands...

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