Friday, January 16, 2009

Anger Management and Blogging

I'm not so angry now. Perhaps writing some of my feelings in the blog helped. And perhaps getting so many kind messages over the last few days also helped.

Among my favourite comments was one from novelist David Hood, who used Graham Stringer's own logic to prove that headaches don't exist either. :-)

Yesterday I had a phone call from a BBC researcher who said "I understand you are angry" and then invited me to air my views on dyslexia. So this morning I headed down to the studio in Leicester and spent an enjoyable quarter of an hour talking on the subject. The producer told me afterwards that the reason they had no opposing voices was that the MP in question was 'too busy' to be interviewed, even on the phone.

The shame is that a perfectly valid debate on the allocation of educational resources has been side-tracked by a prominent person making a factually inaccurate and ill-advised statement. Is it right to give dyslexics extra time in exams? Is it right to give slow readers different teaching if they are diagnosed as dyslexic? These are important questions. But to use as an argument the lie that 'dyslexia doesn't exist' this is at best misguided and at worst unconscionable. That's my opinion, anyway.

(You may be interested to know that blogspot identified 12 spelling errors in the above article and has helpfully corrected them for me.)

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