Friday, January 23, 2009

Oscar Nominations, Gone Fishing and other things

The Oscar nominations were being announced, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the best short film category. It didn't come. To my distress, only the 10 biggies were announced at the press conference.

Why was I so interested? Because Chris Jones's film 'Gone Fishing' had made its way through to a shortlist of 10 movies, and there was a very real chance it would get a nomination. If you have followed this blog for some time you will know that I had the pleasure of throwing a little cash into that film - along with many other enthusiasts - to help it get made. I say 'pleasure' because that is exactly what it has been. Following the progress of the film all the way from screenplay to the Oscar shortlist has been a thrilling experience. I really hope it gets shown on TV in the UK, because it is a very beautiful film.

So, back to the nominations - I hunted through the Internet, trying to find the long list of nominations, but kept on finding the same top ten biggies repeated again and again. Even the trusty BBC news website didn't have it. I eventually found it on ABC news. Sadly, Gone Fishing was not there.

Two other bits of news. First, I wrote to the Labour Party asking for clarification on the statement made by Graham Stringer MP. Was it Labour Party policy that 'dyslexia does not exist'? Apparently not. If they give me permission to reproduce their statement, I will post it up here. Still waiting for that. No, the simplistic and illogical statement that 'dyslexia does not exist' is an individual opinion. The distress it will have caused to many dyslexics is not the fault of the party, merely this one member of it.

Secondly, I am heading up to Chesterfield tonight to meet some writers and take part in the Write Off competition. Much looking forward to it. I hope to post some more about this tomorrow.

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