Thursday, February 12, 2009

I shot Chris d'Lacey

It's true. I shot the bestselling children's author, Chris d'Lacey. And I did it yesterday. But before I start getting hate mail from some of his hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans around the world, let me say that I shot him photographically, rather than in a crime novel sense.

To explain: Chris asked me to bring camera and lights to his place yesterday to shoot a short video, in which he talks about his soon-to-be-published novel "Darkfire" - latest in the hugely popular dragon series.

The shoot was fun, as you would expect with Chris. I'll hopefully get another shot or two tonight, then edit it all together in the coming days. The video is being made to be shown at a conference, but I hope it will also be released over the web. If it does, I'll post a link to it here.

The interesting thing for me, which I noticed as I was filming Chris sitting outside his house, is that his garden is inhabited by several small creatures, whose snouts and eyes peer through the undergrowth here and there. Yes - there are dragons in Chris d'Lacey's garden. Now, I have to say that I didn't actually see any of them move, so they may be made of stone. But who is to say that they don't come to life when no one is looking?


Anonymous said...

I wanted to ask Chris D' Lacey something, I was wondering if Dark Fire came out in July 2,2009 in UK then when is it going to come out in USA.

Rod Duncan said...

July 2nd in the UK. April 2010 in the USA.


Anonymous said...

Has "Dark Fire" come out in Canada yet?
Amd when will "Fire World" come out in Canada?
Where do you live?
Cause i wanna visit you some day