Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The proof of the pudding

Following yesterday's post on fasting, spirituality and creativity, I am today attempting to write my blog post in the last hour of daylight, just before I break my fast. I say 'attempting' because my mind is not very focused and I keep having to pull myself back to the task in hand.

I found Maxine's comment on yesterday's post particularly thought provoking - the idea that the focus we try to develop during the process of writing is a narrowing in, whilst the focus of meditation is a widening out. (Forgive me if I am misrepresenting what you said, Maxine).

I usually think of the writing process as being controlled by two voices from within. One voice is that of the creative genius who lives within us all. It is able to make strange connections, wonderful discoveries and create the gems that are hopefully scattered through our work. The other voice is the editor and critic. It is composed of reason. It sees the limitations and reigns back on the excesses. If the creative genius has disproportionate influence, we write masses of material with gems in it but also piles of dross. If the editor/critic has disproportionate influence, we do not write at all. We are blocked.

I imagine the editor/critic to have a narrow focus, while the creative genius opens itself up to a very wide view. When the writing is flowing well, if feels to me as if these two, apparently contradictory voices, are both powerful and balanced.

This is all hugely subjective, of course. And as before, I'd be very glad to hear other people's experiences and thoughts related to this question.

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