Tuesday, March 17, 2009

White Angel

Those who follow this blog regularly will have read some of my comments about Chris Jones, director of the multi award winning short film, Gone Fishing. I have been following Chris's Gone Fishing journey though his excellent blog. When the news broke that Gone Fishing had reached the final shortlist of 10 films for the Oscar, I was not surprised. It is a remarkable short film.

A few weeks ago, Chris asked me if I would like to write a screenplay for the sequel to his 1994 feature film White Angel. Of course I said yes. (see "Index Cards and Plotting" - 9th March.)

White Angel is a very British feeling psychological crime thriller. It is a game of cat and mouse between two fascinating characters and features excellent central performances from Peter Frith and Harriet Robinson.

That kind of compressed and intense character interaction is great to work with. Very much my sort of thing. I'll post more about the project as it develops. In the meantime, do visit Chris's blog. It's well worth following.


Fiona said...

I finally made it! Looks like you're on the way to in a screenwriting sense, that is. What an honour to be asked to write a sequel by the original writer himself. Will he have a creative veto?

Rod Duncan said...

As with all things film, it is an intensely collaborative process. There are many story tellers between the initial idea and the finished film.

The writer is one. The actors too. The DP, set and costume designers. The editor. And story-teller in chief is the director.