Thursday, April 16, 2009

City of the Undead

Leicester-based director Rhys Davis is driving production forward towards the climax of filming for his horror movie, Zombie Undead. This is what they call a "low-to-no-budget" production. That can mean poor production values which show on the screen and in the soundtrack. But a couple of days ago I had a sneak peek at some scenes from early in the movie, and the quality does seem to be there.

Rhys and scriptwriter Kris Tearse have taken a clever approach to keep the costs down. Setting most of the film inside a locked-down evacuation centre, they have been able to film on odd days throughout the year without the changing seasons generating huge continuity issues. But now it is time for some spectacular exterior shots. Leicester is going to be transformed into the city of the undead.

The call is out for extras who would like the chance to play zombies. The more the merrier. Shooting is taking place this Sunday (19th April 2009). If you want to be zombified for the morning and can make your way into Leicester for an early start, let me know and I'll pass your details on to the ZU team.

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