Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pictures that tell stories

Those of you who follow this blog may remember me encouraging people to keep their eyes open for pictures that tell stories. How about this one, seen yesterday and snapped on my mobile? A pair of shoes hanging from a telephone wire. And fifty yards down the road - out of shot in this snap - another pair hanging over another wire.
The story might look simple until you start to peer into the minds and lives of the people concerned. The one who flung the shoes, the one who had his shoes stolen, the one who looks out of her/his window every day and sees them hanging there.
The world is full of stories.


Anonymous said...

Hi, came across your blog while surfing the internet, I loved your shot of the trainers over the telegraph wire and thought you may want to know the story behind this. When I was in Louisiana recently we were driving downtown with a relative who pointed out that trainers hanging over a wire is often used as a sign to junkies that drugs can be purchased from that area.

Better stay clear of the place if I were you!

Rod Duncan said...

Many thanks for that info. I wonder if it is the same in the UK.

Great material for a crime novelist. You would have thought I would already know this sort of stuff!


Officer_Owen said...

Trainers flung over a telephone wire are a sign that a drugs gang is operating in the area - but in Britain it's not an invitation to come and buy as Anonymous suggests - it's a warning for other gangs and dealers to stay the hell away. It's a territory or turf-marking thing. The trainers have been stolen from some poor kid and they are thrown up there as a warning to his gang to keep away.

Rod Duncan said...

Thanks for the info Officer.