Monday, May 18, 2009

Society of Authors

I’m off to London today with not one, not two but three wonderful writers and all-round great people. We’re heading for the headquarters of the Society of Authors for the announcement and presentation of the prize for the best writers’ club anthology of the year. Leicester Writers’ Club is in the final shortlist, so it will be very exciting.

The reason the four of us have been chosen to represent the club is that we made up the editorial committee for the anthology. I have to say, the editorial process was not easy but it was always hugely enjoyable.

Another reason for me to be excited about this trip – as if there weren't enough reasons already - is that my great grandfather Aylmer Maude was for some years the treasurer of the Society of Authors, and I am assuming the building we are heading for is the same one that he would have visited many times.

Aylmer Maude

Aylmer had an event-filled life and met many of the influential people of his day. I have several boxes filled with copies of his papers. Among the many highlights are letters from Tolstoy, Gandhi, H.G. Wells, G.B. Shaw, Jane Addams and Dr Marie Stopes. The originals are all kept in the Brotherton Library in Leeds.

When I have time, I'd like to visit the British Library and read more of his correspondence with Marie Stopes. Though I have to say that this might be a problem for me, as I have huge difficulty reading handwriting - a problem not helped by my dyslexia.

Now off to the train, fingers crossed.


Emma Darwin said...

Have a good time, and best of luck!

Sam Hayes said...

Have a fab day, Rod. Fingers crossed for LWC! Sam xxx

Niki M said...

Have a great time Rod. I hope you win. :D

Katy said...

Have a wonderful time, Rod, and the very best of luck :-)

Rod Duncan said...

Thanks all for the good wishes. In the event our anthology wasn't what the judges were looking for. We had a great day however.

I've added a new blog entry on the day.