Saturday, June 27, 2009

The author and the 'paperless' office

I'm editing, but finding it difficult to get a sense of the whole thing. A case of can't see the wood for the trees. And speaking of trees, I printed out the whole thing again last night and now have Act 2 spread out on the carpet. Whatever happened to the paperless office?

Unfortunately, having been banished from the living room, I have no space to see the whole thing in one glance. It is a case of going along the landing and into the bedroom. The above clip should give some sense of what it looks like (even though upside down and back to front!)

Thankfully, this approach to screenwriting does seem to be working. I have spotted a couple of problems and been able to address them.


Paul Lamb said...

In a different way I'm having a similar problem with my novel writing. I'm so far down the road that I can't see where I started any longer. I'm forgetting some of the set ups and parallel structures I intended throughout. I'm sure I'll catch it all in the big rewrite, but I really should give it a read through now just to refresh myself. I need to get back to the big picture.

I'm glad you explained about the video being upside down. Otherwise I would have thought you could walk through walls (and I'm not altogether convinced that you can't).

Rod Duncan said...

Hi Paul,

One thing you could try is create a paralell document which is a summary of the main document.

For each chapter in your book, the paralell document should have the chapter number, the first line of the chapter and a short paragraph summary of what happens in the chapter.

This can be a very useful way to help you navigate through your novel.

As for walking through walls - LOL. For some reason my mobile phone only photographs things upside down and back to front.

I'm sure it must be simple to change it back - but I can't work out how!

Lousy as the vid is, I thought it might give an insight into the process I'm going through right now.

Pam said...


This is a comment that has absolutely nothing do with this post about a paperless office. Well, maybe I can make it related, as I did print something out that I didn't really need to.
A friend of mine challeneged me to write a very short fiction story for an initiative on NPR radio. They are having fun with 3 minute stories -perhaps you have heard of it. Anyway, I took a stab at it, and really would like a writer to look at it before I submit it.

Would you be willing to do that?

Rod Duncan said...

Pam, can you e-mail me about it please.

rod AT rodduncan DOT co DOT uk