Thursday, June 25, 2009

White Angel 2 Screenplay update

Status update:

I have edited through from start to finish, ironing out continuity errors and harmonizing the voices (so characters don't change their speech patterns too much from one scene to the next).

The script has crept up to 78 pages now - roughly 78 minutes of screen-time - which puts me in the right zone in terms of length. I have 2 scenes to add - which will push it up to something like 83 pages. But further editing will tend to shrink it down again as the dialogue becomes sweeter and shorter. So it looks as if I will end up close to my original estimate of 80 pages.

I have told Chris Jones I'll send him a draft by the end of this month. (That will probably be a minute to midnight on the 30th.)

Anyway, what with all the hours of editing, my brain feels moderately fried. So I will leave it at that for today. Thanks for bearing with me.

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