Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dyslexic spelling from a 12 year old

I've turned up another example of dyslexic spelling. This time by a 12 year old. (Me again.) This one, which I found even deeper into the dust at the back of the shelf, came from a history project on Tudor England. And though you may have thought my spelling was singular at 13, this example from the year before is even more interesting.

It seems that I wasn't holding back so much in this work because I attempted words I had little idea of how to spell. The content of the writing is thus more interesting and the spelling more inventive.

This was my best work at the time.

The Sival War

In 1650 King-charls I was running in to det. So he whent to parlament to asck for mony Thay sead no so he brought some solders in to fors Them. but thay had herd abowt the atack and had escaped by bote so the sival war started.

One day the vilage was on one side and the next it was on the other. The vilagers did not like the ware and preferd to stay ought of it.

Parlimant's side was called the round heds the kings side was called the Cavalears. There was two mager batals. The batal of Marson Moor and the batal of Edgehill. The Roundheds worn the first and the cings men won the secand. Parlament wone the sivel war and Oliva cromwell was made leader of the country.

example of dyslexic spelling age 12


@fnafilms said...

Love it! My 12 y.o. has dyslexia - his most famous slip up was "Wonsa pona tim".

I find, as a non-dyslexic, once I get my head around the phonetics of the writing then I can usually work it out.

Rod Duncan said...

Love the 'Wonsa pona tim' :-) Thanks for that.

It's been a revelation for me going through these old bits of writing. To some extent it has validated my memory of what school was like.