Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dyslexic spelling

The following example of dyslexic spelling turned up today as I was moving office. At the back of a deep shelf, I discovered a long forgotten box of school books, including the diary I had once been required to write. I believe the school's idea was that writing an entry a day would gradually help me to overcome my problems.

Reading it now, I'm struck by three things. First, that in recording the events of my life, I could only write about things I had a chance of being able to spell. Second, that even after slimming down my language and carefully choosing the subject, there was no way through the writing maze without having to make frequent spelling guesses. And third, that my teachers were kind enough to only correct one or two words in each entry.

So here, chosen at random, are three days worth of diary from a 13 year old dyslexic, who bizarrely went on to become a novelist.

Yesterday in gaims I had a tutorial it was good fun. We did some spelling ruls. In the evening I was playing a gaim called T.R.I Tactics. It was fun. Yong siantist and mishon imposable were on telivition.

Yesterday we had an English test it was grosum. I did farly well. Also yesterday we went on a run. we were not timed so we could Just trot round. In the evening we went swiming it was a practis for the swiming gala.

To day in the morning in english we did a leson on wrighting informal leters. After that in gography we starled maps of the Mendips.

Comments are as always welcome. But please don't correct the spelling. Having mistakes pointed out gets tiresome after the first thirty or forty years.

example of dyslexic spelling


Jennifer Bardsley said...

13 year old you wrote with a lot of "voice". That's what this teacher in America would say.

Anonymous said...

hello this is a test - tried to send acomment before

Anonymous said...

Oh it didn't work before. Just wanted to sey thankyou so much for your website. It made me smile and was very comforting to see how you wrote things when you were 13 - very much like my 13 year old son does (we only found out he was dyslexic this week). I am an ex journalist and could kick myself for lecturing him over his spelling and handwriting when he has been doing homework ....but not as bad as his teachers who have been calling him lazy for ages - it used to make me so angry because i know he's not. He's a really bright lad. He's very sharp and intelligent and witty and- i know I'm his mum- but he's clever too. He gets in trouble in english sometimes because he messes around but i now think that's because of dyslexia. He's really good at maths and sports and anything practical like dt. anyway thankyou. Yours is the best- and most inspiring- site i have come across as i trawl the internet looking for info re dyslexia. So cheers ps i love crime novels so will be giving yours a try